About Us

onfleekQ Technologies Limited is a Beauty Technology company utilizing technology to meet everyday consumer needs in the Beauty, Personal care and Wellness Sector. The Trademarked brand and product “onfleekQ” is our flagship on-demand booking platform for Beauty and Personal care services & products.

 check, check mark, red-303494.jpg Simplify the process of searching and booking beauty services & products. 

check, check mark, red-303494.jpg  Revolutionize the beauty industry by leveraging technology for accessible & affordable services. 

check, check mark, red-303494.jpg  Partner with diverse professional beauty service providers and vendors to deliver premium service. 

check, check mark, red-303494.jpg  Committed to provide premium booking experience, from download to the service delivery.

check, check mark, red-303494.jpg  Innovate and continously improve our platform to remain at the forefront of  BeautyTech.

 Our Focus:

Getting quality beauty & personal care services should not be an inconvenient, all-day waitlisting event involving different locations and tiresome search for professional service providers. Whether at a hotel, in an office, or at home; onfleekQ app gives access to top-rated beauty services and products in real time by matching Vendors to registered Users easily and quickly online. 

onfleekQ offers

 Our Goal:

To provide premium and accessible platform for beauty consumers to find and book beauty services near them, buy beauty products at affordable rates, and allow vendors set up beauty stores within the app.

onfleekQ key message

Our Mission

Facilitate beauty, personal care & wellness needs when, where and how it is required by using technology to simplify access to high-quality beauty and personal care services. 

onfleekQ’s mission is anchored on the knowledge that everyone deserves to look and feel their best, and that technology can be used to make this possible for everyone, regardless of location or status. 

Our Vision

Become the one-stop booking platform and marketplace for all beauty and personal care needs.

onfleekQ culture

The onfleekQ Way

We are passionate about Learning new things and ways; Empowering our minds, colleagues and customers to enable fulfillment of company mission and vision; Achieving incremental and large successes; and we don’t forget to Dream – no target is too big or unconquerable!

onfleekQ values

The onfleekQ Character

 Our values D.R.II.VE our character as a company with the intention to excel and promote best practices in all our dealings. We exemplify these values throughout our customer journey.

Our Expertise

onfleekQ’s expertise lies in its technology, diverse partnerships in the beauty industry, customer experience, and business development. We use technology to provide innovative solutions for the beauty industry and have a deep understanding of its trends and consumer behavior. Our prowess extends to business Training and development, and vendor/partnership management, digital marketing, and brand strategy etc.


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